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The principals of Freedom Crude have decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Like many others in this business, we have experienced the swings in oil and gas prices, lived through the disappointment of dry holes and watched technology advance to open old fields to new production. Following extensive geological and geochemical research and analysis, we are excited to again be exploring in southeast Texas.

The El Toro Field Prospect is located approximately 3.5 miles south of Edna, Texas in Jackson County and is targeting remaining oil and gas reserves from at least nine prospective Frio sands which include the 5230’ Oil Sand, 5300’ Oil Sand, 5400’ Oil Sand, 5600’ Gas Sand, 5650’ Gas Sand, 5960’ Oil Sand, 5975’ Oil Sand, 6070’ Gas Sand, and the 6460’ Gas Sand. Approximately 3.1 million barrels of oil and 68.2 BCFG has been produced from El Toro and nearby fields including El Toro South, North Texana, and Westhoff Ranch Field.

The El Toro Ranch Prospect offers the benefit of well control, good area production totals, and is characterized as being a four-way, anti-clinal closure trap. The target sands are stratigraphic in nature from detailed isopach mapping, appear to be deposited across the identified structure. At the proposed location, we should intersect the objective sands and likely others due to the multitude of additional sands present in the surrounding wells. All four main objective sands appear to have good rock quality and good initial flow rates up to 150 BOPD potential.

Here is a video with some clips of our teams working on a horizontal well in Wayne County, IL.

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