Freedom How?

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Freedom How?

Until recently, American energy independence has been nothing more than a dream. Freedom Crude is an independent oil and gas company working to make that dream a reality. We understand that freedom from the whims of OPEC and the endless instability in the Middle East has long been both a need and a desire of the United States. Access to reliable energy sources is both an economic issue and a national security issue of vital importance to our country. Further, the global demand for petroleum products continues to increase year after year with no end in sight. The bottom line is that now and in the foreseeable future, oil and gas will continue to be the world’s preferred source of power.
Thanks in large part to continuing advances in extraction technology the aforementioned dream is becoming a reality. U.S. production reached new highs pre-pandemic and has the capacity to do so again. Most people have some inkling of the “American Oil Boom” and have heard terms like “fracking” and “shale” bantered about in the media. The growth of domestic production creates high paying jobs and contributes to overall economic growth. There are some industry supporters who are threatened by the movement to replace fossil fuels, but whatever that process entails, it will be gradual. For the foreseeable future, oil and gas will remain as the dominant power source. Freedom Crude will continue investing in this essential commodity and sharing opportunities with our investing partners. Never heard of us? Believe it or not, the profound growth in domestic oil and gas production has been driven by unknown, independent companies willing to pay the price and absorb the risk of innovation.
According to the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPPA), independent oil and gas producers drill 95% of the oil and natural gas wells in America, producing 54% of U.S. liquids. Independent producers reinvest 150% of their American cash flow back into domestic production. IPAA’s chief economist Fred Lawrence affirmed the independents’ part in this economic success story on The Energy Makers’ 100th episode. “The independents played the key role in the transformation taking place…twining two very important technologies…hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling to access new geological horizons for both shale gas and tight oil. The specific DNA of the independent was critical because they had the entrepreneurship and the technological acumen to figure out how to develop these wells. They drilled a lot of wells and did a lot of tests and they weren’t afraid to take risks and that led to the development of the Barnett shale and since then a proliferation of shale gas plays and now, tight oil plays.”
Wondering why you should get involved? Whether you are a seasoned energy investor or just considering adding oil and gas to your portfolio, we can help. Let us help you understand the tremendous tax advantages associated with oil and gas and why investing with us may, or may not be right for you. Step one is to educate yourself and our website is designed to help you do just that! Contact us today to see what Freedom Crude can do for you.

Freedom From Foreign Control

The more energy independent we become, the less likely it is that we will be held hostage by nations who do not share our values.

Freedom From Higher Prices

When oil prices are too high, economic chaos ensues all over the world. significant domestic oil and gas production reduces the price of a barrel of oil, helping to keep the economy stabilized.

Freedom Through Higher Employment

The energy sector has created over 700,000 new jobs in the past five years.

Freedom From Higher Taxes

The tax benefits for domestic oil and gas investors is one of the only great tax shelters left

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