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Oil and natural gas are essential to the American economy. From transportation to the electrical grid, America and the world depend on these fuels to power the modern conveniences on which we depend. Freedom Crude, LLC and our investing partners are dedicated to supporting this vital industry and those who work night and day to keep the lights on. Contact us to discuss how you can participate!



Our principals have decades of experience in oil and gas exploration. We have worked in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Alabama, Kentucky, and Indiana just to name a few.


Valued Industry Partners

This business requires a team effort and we know the players. The independent exploration company is only as good as its contractors, and we maintain a long list of proven industry professionals.



The real work begins when a well is placed into production.  Operating oil and/or natural gas wells is both complex and expensive. We have the accounting and legal expertise necessary to push the right buttons.



We tell you what we know, when we know it whether it is positive or negative. Oil and gas exploration and production is a dynamic, fast moving industry from the field to the commodities market. We keep you informed and are never further away than a phone call or email.

Tax Incentives

Oil and Natural gas from domestic reserves help make our country more energy self-sufficient and reduces our dependence on foreign imports. Congress has provided tax incentives to stimulate domestic natural gas and oil production financed by private sources.

Drilling projects offer many tax advantages.

These incentives were placed in the Tax Code by Congress to make participation in oil and gas ventures more attractive to investors. With 95% or more of the original investment deductible in the first year, domestic oil and gas exploration and production is one of the last great tax shelters!

U.S. Production Increasing

U.S. oil production has reversed its 30-plus year decline; U.S. imports from OPEC producers have fallen more than 20 percent in the past three years; U.S. natural gas reserves and production are up significantly and prices have dropped 75 percent in the past five years. The International Energy Agency forecasts that the United States could become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020 and may be energy self-sufficient by 2035.

New Oil From Old Wells

According to the Energy Information Agency (EIA), more than 80% of new oil production in the United States comes from older wells. This is because new technology has made it possible to locate and recover reserves that could not be seen or extracted when the wells were originally drilled.

Freedom Crude uses the most advanced technology available, including 3D Seismic, Horizontal Drilling, and Enhanced Recovery. Hydraulic fracturing, which has upended global energy markets by lifting U.S. crude oil output to a 25-year high, is the key to bringing high output shale oil wells online.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy found that “mature” deposits contain up to 200 billion barrels of oil and that at least 89 billion barrels of this oil could

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