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Energy Independence

Is Freedom

Working To Regain And Retain American Energy Dominance

Freedom Crude American Oil Drop


We'd Like to Revolutionize The 
Way You Think About American  Oil.

Without Petroleum, nothing runs for very long. Moreover, the thousands of petroleum based products we use every day cease to exist.

Oil field workers setting pipe

How Important Is Oil?

This 55 second video will remind you of all the ways oil touches your life.


Turnkey, American Oil Ownership Programs


Cost  Down


Owner % Up


We structure partnerships with proven producers in proven fields. We only drill in areas where oil is already being produced.

We operate with minimal expenses in house, so we can offer lower unit prices with higher ownership percentages to our Investing Partners .

American Oil workers at night.


A Different Approach, Using a New Method...

Workers setting pipe for American Oil Investors.

Many of you are business owners who have had the experience of running a local computer network in your office.  That involves having a lot of servers and hiring people to maintain and keep them running for you.  Then one day, it becomes possible to store your data securely in the cloud and suddenly, all that expense and headache was gone. Your data was safe and secure and at a lower cost.


We have done a similar thing here at Freedom Crude. We partnered with companies who have the tools and the experts to carry out drilling and completing our wells. We don’t have to own everything and support a large workforce in order to get our oil to market.


When we partnered with other producers, we saw our cost per well go down.  That’s one of the reasons we can offer a lower unit price and a higher ownership percentage to our investing partners. It always pays to lower costs.


​It also pays to extend your reach. When you partner with other strong companies in your industry, suddenly your reach is widened and you have access to better and better opportunities.


That's where Freedom Crude finds itself today. We choose prospects that have already produced oil and we bring them back to life. Just as the cloud did for data storage, today's oil field technology has changed the game for both producers and investors.


Workers drilling for American Oil.


Mitigating Risk With Technology

The 43 second video below illustrates a few of the many ways technology helps us to mitigate risk.

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